Covid-19, lockdown effect

Here we are after years we lived of life we thought it was what we would live forever, instead one day “normality” became the wished returning destination.

My first Apple Pie.

Quarantine and self-isolation have been an unexpected stop in our everyday life. We had spent our days trying to be productive doing something we didn’t have time to do before.  We have enrolled on online-courses, we have revised our CV, we have learned new skills, we mediated, we have got artistic, we have cocked new recipes, we have established a new routine.

Like many, initially, I thought it was just for a few weeks, then I had to accept that it was for more. I’m a very active person and I don’t like to have time and stay home on the couch. So it was tough, I wanted to go out, go for a solo cycle tour, but it was not possible. I was struggling, then I  have become compliant. Stop fighting, I told myself and make the most of this time even if it not what you would prefer doing.

Dreaming to be out and about.

My daily routine was always made of a bit of training, cycling for about 40km on an indoor-bike, then I had a couple of hours dedicated to self-improvement, watching online courses and do some reading about interesting topics. Time was passing fast, my days were easily running over. It was at that time I thought about start writing my “Plan B”  basic blog.  I should say that I  have a bad memory and I always wanted to keep track of my adventure wringing a logbook. I was keen on doing so, but I couldn’t find the right motivation. Before the look-down I was busy looking at my daily plan more than a long term goal. Someone might think that I’m shallow because I don’t plan long term, however, that is part of my philosophy, live now, immerse yourself in what surrounds you and get the most out of it without looking at tomorrow, it will come.

Do not dwell on the past, do not dream of the future, concentrating the mind on the present moment.


You might be wondering why I thought that starting a blog was a good idea for a long term goal.  I thought that I should spend my time home to plant the seed for a better life. I know since many years that having more spare time, have a chance to explore more with my bike and meet passioned people would enrich my life. I’m not complaining about what I have, but I aim for a Plan B.  B like bicicletta (bicycle), B like bello (beautiful), B like buono (good),  B like be slow and enjoy more 😚.

So tell me, what have you plant in your garden during covid-19 lockdown?

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