#Lifeexplorer #Mindride #GoforplanB

Sara, from Italy, globetrotter and bicycle explorer 🚲 …

Cycling events and tours expert, I cycle to spread and share the slow mobility message through cities, regions and countries.

Bicycles have changed my life, the way I travel but also the way I commute every day. The love of adventure and exploration is what turns my pedals, the passion for an easy and balanced life is what pushed me towards plan B.

You might be wondering why I thought that starting a blog was a good idea for a long term goal. I thought that I should spend my time home to plant the seed for a better life. I know since many years that have more spare time, have a chance to explore more with my bike and meet passioned people would enrich my life. I’m not complaining about what I have, but I aim for a Plan B.

B. Plan B is a way of living, it is a way of thinking, it is how we can be if we choose to slow-down, to reconnect ourselves to the environment. Plan B is having a bicycle to travel and commute whenever we can, because even though people don’t believe so, it can change our state of mind, it can make us to feel more alive!

Plan B. B like bicicletta (bicycle), B like bello (beautiful), B like buono (good), B like be slow and enjoy more.