Plan B

Bicycle as a lifestyle,

the plan B of modern mobility.

Meeting, projecting, discussing, and inspiring others to choose slow mobility, to choose a bicycle, to choose a plan B.


The benefits of using a bicycle as a means of transportation are many. Not only bicycles do contribute to reducing emissions and traffic. Bicycles arrive quickly, they agile move, they can go through city centers, parks, and bus lanes, where cars are not allowed to. With a bicycle we don’t have to adjust our plans with buses’ timetable, our plans on a bike don’t change depending on the traffic at the rush hour, we always arrive on time and easily park. Our physical and emotional well-being increases with daily exercise. Thanks to bicycles we save money, we do not have fixed costs of the car and there is no need to refuel to get around. By bicycle, we respect social distancing and don’t have to wear the mask and we can still smile at passers-by. Thanks to the new mobility we get back our freedom, we become part of the space we live, part of the season we are, part of s sustainable change.


Choose bicycles as a real means of transport every day, not just on weekends. Pedaling along the 4 seasons, from the hot summer to the cold winter, with the sun and the rain. Impossible? Uncomfortable? Not at all, give it a try!


Bicycle is a choice, a lifestyle, the new fashion, a way to move and travel. The bike is a conscious choice in favor of our planet, the quality of the air we breathe, our well-being, and it is an opportunity to design a better future.