Let the trip begin..

We don’t need much in life to be happy, we need less than what we think. We need inspiring places, healthy food and good connections to feed our soul and body. We need paths to follow, prospectives for our journey, good ideas to get inspired.

Ingredients of a Happy Life

Not always we need to know where we’re going to step into a magnificent place, we need to be ready to look around with wonder. We have to get lost to find ourselves.

We can live without a lot of things, be happier and more fulfilled, we can easily make a change instead of just accepting things. Choose experiences over possessions.

Be flexible, one day, one week or one month, it doesn’t matter how long you can travel for, what matters is the attitude that makes an explorer of you.

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Latest from the blog!

Monte Acuto with Ciclozenith

Its full name as the sign mentions is Monte Acuto delle Alpi, 910 meters above sea level, at the end of a road that leads to a church and then ends up leaving space only for walking-paths. A dead-end destination, but in our case a goal to be achieved in one day.

Langhe with the Wolf

The Langhe is a mixture of hills and vineyards that alternate with castles and historic villages connected by roads that rise and fall embracing a unique landscape. Perfect place for a autumn cycling holiday.

From Bologna to Chianti

The spectacular cycling tour to this almost hidden landmark known as Chianti, was reason enough to visit Tuscany. The panoramic roads that wind throughout the hills of Chianti and Elsa valley hold many surprises. I came back with a new awareness, I must arrange another trip and choose other paths, because in this region there is so much to see, so much to discover.

Key lessons recently learned.

… learned along the Alps long climb…

To go far I don’t need to go fast, doesn’t matter how slow I go as long as I don’t stop.

…changing plans to find happiness…

Happiness is homemade, created by me and for me. It is within my power to create my own unique story.

..time to travel but also to think…

Thinking about my life. I don’t need much, but I need perspectives, nothing happens without a clear vision!