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Last 12 months memories

I really have a bad memory, I can forget what I’ve eaten yesterday, streets where I rode one day before, names of places where I’ve been during my holidays, things I did last month, things I wanted to do if I don’t have taken a note of them.

Sometimes this is an advantage, I can cycle again along routes I’ve cycled before and feel surprised again over and over, I can forget what I don’t like and easily pretend it didn’t happen. However, it makes me feel sad because time pass, days, years and I’m losing my time not just because it is gone, but because I’ve forgotten about it. Honestly there are many things I still want to forget about 2020, people who won’t come back, emotions which won’t return, doubts that won’t find an answer, but at the same time, I want to remember some of the best days of this past year.

Rome – Italy

The arrival in Rome on the 2nd of January 2020, after a week on a bicycle tour, starting from the sea, crossing muddy fields and beautiful hills like those in the Grossetano area, a great discovery. The first tour of the year, full of sunny days and good vibes with my faithful bicycle.

The last climb of Jebel Jais in Ras Al Khaimah, before leaving Dubai and just after a week of heavy rain, the street was damaged but I managed to climb it for a while. The memory of the only mountain I cycled during summer when the temperature was above 45 degrees.

Jabel Jais – UAE

The arrival in Bologna and my first attempt to explore the region, it was cold and sunny, without a clear idea of where I was going I started from the flat land before looking up to the hills and getting in love with them!

Medicina – Italy
Getting crazy at home!

Going back home, to the house where I grew up, without the possibility of pedalling, the world stopped, a new routine for the daily-life, but that soon became normal. Dreams, those of opening the door and starting to pedal, to meet people, to feel free. The unexpected Covid-19 which changed everything.

The restart, on the saddle, to return conquering the peaks imagined in the months of the lock-down. A bicycle I borrowed whilst I was waiting for my new travel companion. Thanks to Ciclitorino who lent me a Gravel Tartix to start breathing again and take possession of our territory, escape and smile on the sun.

Superga – Italy
Torino – Italy

The arrival of Summer, a made on measure steel gravel bike from Ciclitorino. with her sram apex 1×11 crankset and a light bikepaking by Podsacs, we went straight uphill, embracing our freedom, becoming a great and indefatigable team.

The weekend in Lessinia with Ciclozenith, a tour which I appreciated above all expectations. I felt part of a new family, my bolognese’s family.

Lessinia – Italy

The most beautiful and longest climbs of 2020, hours of effort without giving up, with one only goal, reach the top. Learning from slowness, remembering every turn of the wheel as a small success. The thrill of the achievement. The power of the high mountains. The happiness of arriving.

San Gottardo – La Tremola

A weekend in Switzerland, one of those places where you hadn’t thought of cycling and then a friend suggests it to you and off you go, go up, through Tremola? I was worried, but the magic of that climb erased all my doubts. I carry with me a great memory of the 4 Swiss passes.

BAM campfire edition

I’m not the person who likes events and big gatherings, if you ask I usually prefer a weekend on my own with my tent, travelling somewhere, without big plans. However I have to think again and the night at BAM has been magical and for that

Cycling around, I had the opportunity to reach a friend of Marchebikelife that every year organise with others association and tour operators the Marche Bike Festival. It was a great opportunity to know a bit better a region and to meet other special guests who I won’t forget.

Civitanova Marche Bike Festival
Langhe with the Wolf

Since we met at BAM we promised ourselves to cycle together, so we did. It was the first day of freedom after a tough time, it was the first ride with Fabio, we went up and down amazed by the beautiful colours of Langhe in Autumn. A good-vibes day with a special new friend!

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