Who is a pioneer nowadays? Not easy to say, unless we are referring to a scientist who has recently discovered something new.  The other day a friend of mine was instead telling me to become a “Pioneer”. A Pioneer? I’ve repeated with some curiosity. She was talking about Komoot Pioneers, the explorers that lie at the heart of Komoot. Ordinary people with an extraordinary curiosity, they adventure for the sake of discovery and they share on the portal the expertise they gain, one Highlight at a time.

I should say that those guys who are working behind Komoot must be pretty good. In a very short time whilst Strava became less and less amateur users oriented (unless you pay for the premium version), Komoot on the other hand has grown fast and with the expertise of its users it is getting really cool.  In fact it is very interesting whilst you plan a tour to  have a chance to check  what you can visit along your route. The experience of others who have been in a place before you, pictures of highlights and sometimes suggestions that can help you to choose between two parallel roads.

So I said to myself, why not? I’ll also share my tours and routes with the Komoot community and as I did for my routes collection, I can be part of those explorers that are looking at a regions, countries, roads with a cyclist’s eye.  It sounds like an opportunity to inspire more and more people, to make new friends, to have a chance to help someone who is planning a new journey in an area where I have rode before.

I’ll have a lot to do if I want to move all my experiences into my new Koomot’s account, but day by day I can build it up.

Everybody is looking for instant success, but it doesn’t work that way. You build a successful life one day at a time.

Lou Holtz

The whole blog story and routes collection started for me like an hoppy but even if it has been only few months since I’ve started and learned how to write and post on Worldpress, I can already tell that this is becoming a passion and it is helping me to be more thoughtful about my experiences, to collect more information along the way, to stop more often for a visit, to look for more curiosities to remember. In some ways writing about my tours is teaching to me to be a real explorer and why not a pioneer one day.

A common day. of a travel blogger.

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