My family at 2 wheels 🚲

I wanted to use the word family because it like a family, I love all my bicycles for what they are, for what we do together and for the places they take me to. I’m not a fanatic, I just think that cycling for long distances with a bicycle builds a real relationship, exactly like in a long marriage, you get to know each other very well.

Canyon Endurance 2018


White Lady is a Road Carbon bicycle, not even 8kg, it took me to the highest destination. With its Shimano 105 crankset (50/34 – 11/34), it is what everyone would like to have to climb with no limits, however, I should admit that I’ve recently sold it, after 7000 km and 2 continents. Cycling for long distances means also get to know yourself better and even if this was a very fun bicycle, I’ve learned that it wasn’t my type of bike. I love exploring and I want to feel free to chose a gravel path, to go off track if I want to, to have a chance to carry with me all I need for 2 or more days tour with no limits. Road bicycles are very fast and very popular but it wasn’t for me. I’m not a racer and I’m not challenging myself to go faster and faster, more to go further and further. It has been great climbing passes like Mortirolo and mountains like Jabel Jais, but it was time for us to separate our roads, not abandoning who we are.

Nerina, KHS Urban 2013


Here we have the most exploited bike I have, we have been travelling together since 2016 when I got it from a man who was selling it because he got himself a made on measure bicycle. I paid to him 300 euro, less than half of the pice and even if initially, I thought to use it only for my urban errands, it became soon the obvious partner for my longer tours. Nerina is a KBS Urban, a steel frame bicycle with Clarisse crankset (50/34 – 11/34), disc brakes and 14 kgs in weight. Despite its entry-level components and its significant weight, it has a very comfortable gravel geometry. I travelled through Europe and Italy a lot with it and I climbed hills and mountains with full bags and great patience at my own speed. Recently I had to replace cables and crankset, so I decided to adequate it to its weight, reducing the front crowns down to 44/22 teeth. This kind of gear won’t make me faster but in long distances will definitely make my journey easier.

Brompton bicycle


Brontola is a folding bike by Bromton, a very clever bike, it can easily be folded or unfolded in under 20 seconds, it is compact and strong with its steel frame, built to last. I remember that initially when I had the opportunity with Bronton Junction in Milan to test it during one of the tours I have organised with them and Wonderide, I thought I wouldn’t ever get such an expensive bicycle just because it could be practical. Anyway, that was a while ago, I found myself travelling a lot by train and metro especially in Dubai where distances and dangerous streets make nearly impossible to commute only pedalling. Bromton bicycles are very special, they are fast enough to take you wherever you need to go like a normal 27′ bicycle with the advantage of being flexible and allow you to jump on a bus or on a train when you need to. And you know what? I met people who travels with Brompton!

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