My classic collection πŸš²

A little overview of my classic bicycles, each of them has a history that makes it very special to me. All of them are more than 40 years old and they are still treading streets with a timeless charm.

L’eroica Turen


This is Turen, a 50 years old bicycle, my first real bike or at least the first I bought with my money and with the purpose of using it every day. We need to go back in 2002, when I lived in Hannover during my Erasmus, there all students have a bicycle to go to school and to move around, so I went to the local second-hand market (flea market) and I bought Turen for 17 Marks. I found out later on that it is a very special bike, aluminium glued frame, with a simplex shifter, original race L shoe brakes, 27′ 1/3 wheels, unfortunately with a modified handlebar and a not original crankset. However this bicycle is just amazing, very light and comfortable even if it is a bit too small for me, I used it as my own vehicle for years. In 2008 we rode together around Netherland, I went there for 14 days, it was my first bicycle tour. Then with it, I attended L’Eroica times and Polverosa a few years back.

Condorino Torino, the man bike


Let me introduce you to Condorino Torino, it was my first “man bike” as my “bicycle dealer” told me when I sold it to me in 2008. At that time I was based in Turin and I lived near the popular second hand market in Porta Palazzo (Gran Balon), there I met Biagio a 60 years old man who loves bicycle and mechanics. We became friends, I spent time with him looking at how he fixed a brake or a crankset. This bicycle was initially red when I’ve got it, but since I used it a lot especially for a city errands I had to refurbish it completely in 2016. I changed all components and sanded it completely, in order to repaint it properly giving to it a new look. Saddle and cables are not brown matching the new brownish metal colour and the beige tires. However, since I’m covering longer and longer distance every day, Condorino Torino, which is a single-speed bicycle is now more a “guest bike”, I will always keep it as a memory, but I should say that it is not the fastest bicycle I have.

Torpado in hug Milano


Torpado Mountain joined the family in 2017, I wasn’t planning to buy a new bicycle at that time, but I met a guy who had a couple of classic bicycles refurbished by himself and that was selling this for a really good deal. I paid 120 euro and I got it with the idea of using it for my further urban errands alongside Condorino Torino. Torpado was designed as a mountain race bicycle, Campagnolo full original groupset: crankset, shifters, brakes, brakes levels, all it’s original, also the colour and all stickers haven’t been replaced. You can tell it has its own years, but it is still a very fast bicycle. Honestly, I haven’t tried it on any tours, but I’m sure it will work pretty well. The only issue is that I’ve replaced the old 23mm tires with a more comfortable 25mm Pirelli tires and now when I’ve to take one of it out to fix a flat tire, it is a real challenge to put it back.

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